Updated February 15, 2021

Welcome to the River Run Inn!

     We are taking this pandemic seriously; and as a way to reduce shared-contact alongside practice social-distancing, we are temporarily adjusting a few of our daily operations:

  • MAIN OFFICE RESTRICTIONS: even though the main office is back to being open, we ask that you only allow ONE person in at a time. If the main office is closed, please call Jonathan [GM] at (508) 309 – 5474.
  • NO RENTAL SERVICES: guests will not be able to rent bicycles, DVDs, puzzles, nor board games until further notice; however, if you are adamant about watching a good movie, please reach out to Jonathan [GM].
  • NO CLEANING SERVICES: to protect our staff, housekeepers will not be providing room-cleaning services; however, if you need any extra towels or amenities, please do not hesitate to ask the front desk or Jonathan [GM].
  • NO ADD-ON SERVICES: guests will not be able to access our ice machine, bagged ice, nor additional refreshments until further notice.
  • POOL ROOM RESTRICTIONS: even though the pool room will be open, guests may not use the pool while other people are using the facilities; please follow the time-table posted on the door to schedule a private session for your family/group or room.
     Along with scanning employees for fever, sickness and possible exposure to COVID-19 each morning, we also practice the recommended health guidelines such as social distancing, mask-wearing and routine hand washing. We are not accepting cash at this time and have a no-touch credit card transaction process. Our pool room and main office are operating under  very strict conditions as a way to keep everybody safe and distant; please call for further details.
     Our property has been through an extremely deep and thorough cleaning/sanitizing/disinfection process. This involved gutting and clearing every single room, cabin, and even our guest house of absolutely everything from the bedding to the amenities to the soap dispensers to the cooking ware, you name it, it has been removed and sanitized! Even the pens in our offices have been cleaned! In conclusion, all high-impact touch-points are sanitized regularly throughout each and every day on top of standard daily cleaning protocols.


     Our goal through all of this is to provide our guests with the ability to enjoy themselves while escaping from everything going on right now. However, to protect our guests, our employees, and our community we are taking these additional precautionary steps to insuring the safety of you and your loved ones. We greatly appreciate all of your support and understanding through these tough times.

     If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or are in need of anything, please never hesitate to call our General Manager, Jonathan, as for he lives on-site and will be happy to help you out with any need or request. Thank you for your cooperation!

     Jonathan, GM : (508) 309 – 5474

WE ARE OPEN! Learn how we are taking precautions for our staff and guests  Learn More Here